Alluter Expands Capacity plan in 2017-2018

Alluter company was expanding rotary target production capacity in China on Oct 2017. The expansion will increase capacity by 80% in Guizhou factory. The increased capacity will enable Alluter to support the rapidly growing demand for rotary sputter targets used to produce thin film coatings on touch panel.
The additional capacity was online Henan province in December 2017 and expansion will be completed by February 2018.This expansion reflects the performance of rotary sputter target used to produce Apple Inc. related products, Alluter will let us sputtering target sputter to the world.
Alluter sputtering target is a leading global provider of advanced materials and solutions used in the deposition of thin film coatings. Alluter’ products have a wide variety of applications including Low-E architectural and automotive glass, tools coating,decorative coating, displays, and solar PV panels.

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Post time: Jan-05-2018
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